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Machine learning and compiler optimization
Published on 2016-09-19
Compilers use a heuristic function that predicts whether inlining will be beneficial. This seems like the kind of problem that machine learning was born to solve.
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A tour of V8: Garbage Collection
Published on 2013-09-23, edited on 2014-01-26
In this article, I reveal the secrets of V8's garbage collector! Tagged pointers, generational collection, incremental marking, and parallel sweeping are demystified!
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A tour of V8: Crankshaft, the optimizing compiler
Published on 2013-04-10, edited on 2013-12-13
Crankshaft is V8's optimizing compiler. Once unoptimized code has been running for a while, V8 identifies hot functions and recompiles them with Crankshaft, greatly improving performance.
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A tour of V8: object representation
Published on 2012-12-24, edited on 2013-12-13
JavaScript allows developers to define objects in a very flexible way. This article looks at the clever optimizations V8 uses to make accessing JavaScript objects as fast as objects in class-based languages.
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A tour of V8: full compiler
Published on 2012-11-04, edited on 2015-11-28
An overview of the high level structure of the V8 JavaScript Virtual Machine, with details on the full compiler and inline caches.
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